Bears Kill A Wolf And Tear It Up In Dutch Wildlife Park ‘Dierenrijk’


WARNING! This video contains animal cruelty!
Be advised not to watch it if you can’t handle it.

NUENEN – A number of bears killed a wolf in Dierenrijk near Nuenen on Monday. The wolf fell into the water while playing with other wolves and was then grabbed and torn by a bear. Janneke van Gorp confirmed this. She is the spokeswoman for Libéma, owner of the animal park.

Several visitors saw it happen. “They called us when they saw it happen, we have taken care of them by offering human contact, because for them too it is incredibly unfortunate what happened,” says Van Gorp.

“We first thought they were playing”, says a visitor to Omroep Brabant.

‘It has always gone well’
Animal caretakers who were alerted could no longer do anything for the wolf, a bitch of two years. “It has always gone well We decided years ago to put the wolves and brown bears together, which is good for the animals and we see no reason to disassemble them now,” said the spokeswoman.

The animals are put together to challenge them to play with each other. Van Gorp: “It’s a bit of enrichment for the Animal Kingdom, and what happened on Monday is really a one-off incident, and the animals have always lived in good harmony, very sad for everyone.”

‘It has always gone well’
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Ohw and before anybody comments on the fact this video being animal cruelty.
Yes it is! Caused by the idiots running these wildlife parks!
Thanks for watching and becoming aware of that.

Date: October 30, 2018