Execution By Primeiro Comando da Capital


Young guy tied to a chair being executed by slicing his throath and decapitation by Primeiro Comando da Capital in Brazil.

Primeiro Comando da Capital, or PCC (“First Command of the Capital”, Portuguese pronunciation: [pɾiˈmejɾu koˈmɐ̃du da kapiˈtaw]), is, according to a 2012 Brazilian Government report, the largest Brazilian criminal organization with a membership of 13,000 members, 6,000 of whom are in prison.

The criminal organization is based largely in the state of São Paulo and is active in at least 22 of the country’s 27 states, as well as in Paraguay and Bolivia. Since its inception, PCC has been responsible for several criminal activities such as prison breaks, prison riots, drug trafficking and highway robbery. The name refers to the state capital, city of São Paulo.

In 2012, a wave of violence in Sao Paulo killed upwards of 100 people including many police officers allegedly following the breakdown of an informal truce between the gang and the police.

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Date: September 15, 2017