Execution of 6 Russian conscripts in Dagestan FULL VERSION


FULL VERSION UNEDITED WITH TRANSLATED TRANSCRIPT!nThis whole group was killed by Pro-Chechen warlord Sulim Yamadayev. INFO IN FIRST COMMENT.nnFor a long time the holy grail of online gore was a video known either as -The unknown Russian soldier- or its more common name, -chechclear-, which depicts, up close and in living color, a young man gasping in pain and terror, a Chechen jackboot perched upon his head. In short order and without warning a large knife is plunged into his throat, slicing outward, splaying his neck into a large red blossom. The horrific scream that chokes into a bubbling gurgle stays in the mind far longer than the actual act.nnAs the US entered into the war in Iraq, a new type of tape became commonplace, the beheading. These propaganda videos almost all started with the accused relaying their crimes (real or implied), usually of the nature of providing aid or comfort to the American or resistance forces. A group of masked men would stand behind the victim, reading a statement until such time as a blade was brandished and the condemned was drawn to the floor as the executioner used the blade to end the life of his prey.nnThese acts are, as they sound, horrific beyond words. Why do some wish to see them? What do we gain from seeing the misery and anguish of others?nnOf course, I cannot speak for others, only myself. For me, it is a means of confronting both evil and mortality, to see for myself things that will hopefully forever remain outside of my life. As a creative type, I need to understand these situations for future reference. No pleasure is gained from these viewings, only a better knowledge of humanity.nnBut there is one thing I have seen that sticks out in my mind, coming to me in my dreams, appearing as a shadow behind my normal vision, never allowing itself to leave my thoughts. This is a thing so horrific and brutal that words fail me when attempting to describe the horror and brutality it displays.nnThe feelings of empathy that flow through me as I watch these moments bring a heavy and sullen feeling to the air, the weight of doom and despair that certainly was felt by those present at these actions. This is a tape of such unconscionable behavior that I can literally feel my beliefs in the underlying good nature of people die within me.nnBefore getting to the tape proper, it is best to understand the context of what is happening on screen.nnA group of rebel Chechens, led by Salautdin Temirbulatov crossed into the Republic of Dagestan, in an attempt to rout out the occupying Russian forces. Temirbulatov’s group came across a village being defended by a sparse group of 13 Russian conscripts. Upon realizing they were greatly outnumbered, 7 of the soldiers fled, while the remaining 6 continued to fight. Once they had run out of ammunition, they surrendered themselves into a promised POW status.nnThe tape opens with the six soldiers laying on the ground, face down, the one furthest to the right is straddled by a Chechen soldier, who is sawing at the neck of the soldier, leaving his twitching, gurgling body to lay face down in a spreading pool of thickened blood.nnThe other five soldiers do their best to ignore their friend’s plight, totally aware of similar gruesome fates that doubtless await them. Shortly thereafter the leftmost soldier is assaulted, stabbed in the chest and shoulders to subdue him before running his throat out as well.nnThe cold eye of the camera moves in for a fetishized closeup as his skin turns ashen from blood loss. The lack of oxygen slows his movements and reflexes, and we are left to watch the exposed trachea struggling to pull in air, a high-pitched whistling ushering forth from the gaping maw opened by the blade. The Chechen pauses to wipe the soldier’s blood from his blade onto the hand of the dying man.nnThe remaining three lay motionless, wondering when their turn will come. The Chechens carry on as if nothing unusual is happening, even occasionally laughing to one another.nnNumber two is told to stand, while someone runs over to deepen the wound in six’s throat, as he is not bleeding out sufficiently fast. He still struggles to raise himself from the ground, but the pain and weakness are beginning to overtake him and he fades in and out of consciousness as the blood continues to flow.nnThe second soldier is pulled off to the side, about 10 yards from his dying comrades and is kicked to the ground, a Chechen brandishing a large knife stands above him, making fervent attempts to slice at the side of the soldier’s throat. The soldier cowers and blocks until covering his head with his hands and crying for his mother. The camera cuts away as the rebel strikes home with the blade.nnThe camera pans back to the lineup of soldiers, pausing to zoom once again on the wide opened throat of number one, who is slowly moving his hands towards his head, while lulling from side to side. We see the gathering rebels standing around the crowd of dying soldiers, some pointing and laughing, some carrying on about their business.nnNow the camera pans back to the second soldier who has been separated from the group. A small puddle of blood has formed under him, but it is apparent that his injuries are not life threatening. A second rebel comes to finish the job and the soldier pulls himself up as the man moves to cut. They struggle briefly and then the Russian charges from the scene. We do not see his fate, but are led to believe that he was shot in the back during his escape.nnThe next is pulled and separated from the remaining soldiers, begging for his life. He points out where some weapons are hidden and attempts to appeal to his captors. I provide below a translation of the next part, provided by a user at the Ogrish Forums named Warlord47, the provider of the tape I am describing. His translation helps to describe the horror underpinning the events as they unfold:nnKid laying on the grass ….nChechen with the knife -Turn around-nKid moves abit sideways ..nChechen off camera -LAY DOWN!-nChechen takes the knife out and bends towards the kid ..nAleksey Lipatov -You dont need to cut me..I’ll tell you everthing..-nChechen with the knife -what are you gonna tell me?-nChechen off camera -Go ahead talk …-nAleksey Lipatov -I’ll tell you where its located-nChechen off camera -Where is it located?-nAleksey Lipatov points towards a hill with houses -There in that house-nChechen with knife -What ?-nChechen off camera -What is in that house?-nAleksey Lipatov -Weapons and ammo-nChechen with knife -Where ? In that house?- and pointsnAleksey Lipatov -Yes from there-nChechen with knife looks at his combatantnChechen off camera -Hes lying … -nChechen of camera -Lay on the ground-nChechen with knife -what else you have to tell us?-nChechen off camera -Where are the weapons!-nAleksey Lipatov -what ?-nChechen of camera -The weapons and the ammo-nAleksey Lipatov -ON the top of the mountains-nChechen with knife -where ?-nAleksey Lipatov -There on top- and points.nChechen with knife -Are you sure?-nAleksey Lipatov -Yes, yes-nAK shots fired …nChechen with knife backs off and he doesnt want to cut .. feels sorry for the kid -What do you want me to do?- in chechen.nChechen of camera -Just cut him-nAleksey Lipatov -There its right there- and points.nChechens yelling -Leave him alone and come back!- .. a bunch of them yelling at once.nGun shots fired from AK.n(The kid if fucking LAYING waiting to be cut … I dont get it … RUN BOY!!! )nChechens keep yelling -leave him the alone ….come back already- (they are reffering to the other kid that ran)nChechen with the knife -Turn around-nChechen -take off your belt-nChechens of camera -Come on cut him up-nAleksey Lipatov -You dont have to-nChechen of camera -just cut im up already-nAleksey Lipatov -You dont need to, please …-nChechen scum hits him with the beltnChechen -All right come on!-nChechen with Adidas jacket -Hands back!-nAleksey Lipatov -Please dont-nChechen (Adidas) -Hands back!-nChechen (Adidas) hits him in the face -I said hands back!!-nGets hit with AK.nChechen of camera -quickly, quickly-nAleksey Lipatov -Please lets talk..-nChechen with camera -HANDS BACK! you fuck-nChechen -fuck the belt-nRifle hits the kidnChechen of camera -Just fucking cut him already!-nAleksey Lipatov -Please I dont want to do – … they wrestlenAleksey Lipatov screaming- I DONT WANT TO DIE! PLEASE!-nChechens -cut him-nAleksey Lipatov cryingnAleksey Lipatov -I DONT WANT TO DIE PLEASE!! you are very good people, please!-nCamera man -Yes, we are very very good people…. THE BEST-nChechen -get the knife-nChechen punches the kid in the head a few timesnChechen with the knife -Stop fucking hitting him-nCamera man -You gonna live in the grave city-nAleksey Lipatov -MOM! MOM!-nCamera man -torture him-nAleksey Lipatov -I WANT TO LIVE!-nCamera man in sarcasm -He wants to live!-nAleksey Lipatov screaming .. 3 on 1nAleksey Lipatov -Come on fellows … I just want to live-nChechen -CUT HIM NOW-nAleksey Lipatov -Leave me alone!-nKnife goes thru throat.nAleksey Lipatov is kneeling while get butted in the head with an AKnChechen with knife to the guy with the AK -What the fuck are you doing, fuck off-nChechen with knife -Ill do this by myself!-nCutting Aleksey LipatovnStabbing in the neck … over and over and over …. Aleksey Lipatov is no more.nnThe camera moves back to the group laying on the ground and zooms in for a closeup of the face of the next soldier as his head is pulled back and his throat slashed. He has a very low blood pressure, so we see the contortions of agony in his face as throws his body and rolls around, neck ripping wider with each passing moment, until he too lays motionless.nnWe never see the death of the sixth, but we do see his corpse.nnThe video ends with the soldiers’ corpses being unceremoniously dumped into a shallow grave.

Date: January 13, 2012

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    LOL, WHAT YOU GET FOR KILLING A BUNCH OF THEir WOMEN A CHILDREN WITH GRADS LIKE A BUNCH OF PUSSY SLAV COWARDS. Funny after Russia surrendered and made terms with these guys they gave them millions and sent them all to syria lol. God why are Russian conscript such whinny soft bitches, saved us and the Chechen a lot of time and them selves a lot of pain just blow there
    own head off. Lazy ass welfare queens in the US geto put more of a fight resisting minor arrests and that is in a country where resisting can get you
    blown away in a hail of gunfire. And these rusikes are supposed to be a bunch of hard never give people lol guess not.

    • Anna


      SICK is what this is.

    • fuck right off

      Cunts who torture and behead people should i my opinion have something more heinous and fitting done to them in return, personally i would gut these bastards alive and send them on their way as the gutless shit that they are!!