Hostage taker gets it


It all started when this young 18 year old delinquent tried to robbing a small baker’s shop in the same area, he was spotted by two municipal policemen who he engaged in a gunfight. he was shot twice, once in the leg and once in the arm, seeing himself surrounded, he entered a building where he took Nancy Mercedes Lopez, a 44 year old and her three children, who were shot in their legs with non-fatal wounds. (in the negotiations he is heard say -if you kill me, i’ll kill the lady, its the best that can happen-)
nHector, decided to stay in the street because he was waiting for a the police to hand him a vehicle that he was planning to use to escape towards Caracas, but when the police saw that Hector wasn’t changing his mind with the negotiations, the PTJ Special forces brigade, they had located themselves in strategic positions while negotiations continued, but after 5 hours a sniper took action against hector with a fatal shot. the woman escaped uninjured but due to the the inmense pressure she was in, she was taken to a local hospital.
nthe man in a blue jacket says, -unfortunately we had to come to conclusions that we didn’t want to go through but unfortunately the invididual forced the situation-
nThe experts were able to study the physiological profile of the delinquent -evidently we were against a man with a very problematic personality who wasn’t able to reason, you were all witnesses of the entire process, there was also the fact that he had a smile on that had me very worried because i had the impression that he was about to enter a psychotic brust-
nThe police were able to contribute to the favorable outcome of the situation by keeping the curious people at a distance while the PTJ handled the situation.
nSeeing her daughthers and neighbors from the distance helped her spirit.
n-in one of those moments i said, -this was the time- like saying, untill now i live-
nHe had the Revolver loaded and cocked, with the finger in the trigger. with just a little pressure here, it shoots off.

Date: April 18, 2009