Man Shoots Friend Over Damaged Motorcycle


His friend lent his bike and damaged it. The owner went beserk and demanded imediate payment for the damages. The friend couldn’t pay… the owner got angry and killed him in cold blood.nnReport from a witness:n-A discussion because of scratch on a motorcycle ended with three people shot at a gas station on Avenida Dr. Jose Rufino, in Barro, west of Recife. According to witnesses, victims and the suspect were friends. Gera, Thiago and other unidentified boy drank beer in establishing when a man known only as Didi, arrived on a motorcycle and began to discuss with the group. During the fight, he pulled out a gun and made ??several shots. The vehicle used by the suspect was abandoned there.nnAccording to witnesses, the crime happened because Gera would have damaged the Didi motorcycle and would not have paid the repair. Also according to popular, a policeman passed by the local and even shoot the suspect. Cameras internal circuit of petrol station security caught him the crime. Gera was rescued in serious health condition to the Hospital Restoration (HR) in Derby, central region of Recife, but could not resist and died. The other two victims were taken to nearby health facilities and are doing well.-

Date: December 26, 2014