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Tiger eats man in Guwahati zoo ( Tiger i...
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  • December 20, 2007: A crazy man who was a school teacher put his arm into the tiger enclosure to make a better photo with his mobile camera. Instinctively, the tigers attacked and injured him deadly. A second tiger joined the attack after the first grabbed his arm and finally separated it with a bite. One tiger hit him with a single slash on the head. That poor guy died while driving to hospital. His shocked wife and children had to watch the whole process.This is one of the best examples why it is better to let all the big cats in the wild and not to cage them forever for no reason. Tigers need a big area up to 250 square kilometers and not such a little cage.If you cage or pet them don't wonder if such an attack will happen.I hope people who watch this video will accept and support organizations who support wildlife and animal rights!Sadly, there are more tigers in captivity and not in the wild. This must be changed!Please visit the following websites and support them. For the big cats in need!http://www.bigc atrescue.org/http:// www.wildcatsanctuary .org/http://www.endt igertrade.org/http:/ /www.insyncexotics.c om/http://www.cheeta h.org/I know this video is really bloody but I hope this video will be up, because we need such extrem examples to open peoples eyes and change their opinion that big cats shouldn't be in cages. They should belong in the wild.
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"The Tiger wasn't being crazy, the Tiger was being Tiger."
-Chris Rock
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