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Mexico, 49 mutilated bodies being dumped
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  • Cadereyta Nuevo leon , Mexico may 13 2012
    49 bodies of people were mutilated and thrown into the road.
    Corpses of 49 butchered individuals – 43 men and 6 women – were found 10 kilometers east of Cadereyta, near the village of San Juan, at kilometer 47 of Mexico Federal Highway 40 on Sunday May 13, 2012 (Mother’s Day). The highway connects the metropolitan city of Monterrey in Nuevo Leon with the city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas on the border with Texas and it is speculated that the butchered people were migrants on their way to the United States.
    When they were found, many of the Cadereyta Massacre victims already started to putrefy signifying that killing took place at least 2 days prior to deposition on the highway. The authorities also haven’t discarded the possibility that the 49 were killed elsewhere and only delivered to the Cadereyta municipality for deposition.with the bodies was left a message, whose content has not been revealed by the authority's. but early today a video was posted in youtube with this message

    "This goes for all the Golfos, Chapos, Marine, Army and governments nobody can do anything to us.
    Att: Crazy, Z40 and major Lazcano."

    ( the golfos and capos are names of narco cartels)

    may 15 2012
    Los Zetas distanced themselves from Cadereyta Massacre, claiming that they did not butcher the 49 migrants in Nuevo Leon and requesting thorough investigation by the authorities.
    severa l messages from cartel of " los zetas" were found throughout northern Mexico
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