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Cinema Noir: GoreBoard & Hot Minxes

Are you ready for Planet Gore?

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  • Man Commits Suicide
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I hate fake suicide videos

totally fake


fake! he threw his head back before the gun went off

Fake. You can clearly see that the gun does not fire. There is no recoil when he fires, you can see that the slide does not move. There is no smoke either, and this explains why they felt the need to cut out all the audio, because they couldn't provide a convincing sound effect. I rest my case.

q embusteria mas grande

This if of course not a fake, and this is what will happen when you suicide.

Fake! watch carefully, when he puts the gun in his mouth, he takes his left hand under the table, pressing the triger for the thing containg blood like liquid behind his head/neck to explode.


orale vnop pzz q culero q c aya matado xq la vrdd pzz tal vz ia ni tnia oportunidad y iia era kso perdido...pero q trist...cruda es la realidad q persivimoz...lo 100to x kerer avandonar....las cariciaz c desnavecieron con lagrimaz q en st cuento c perdideron...ljos d todo y todoz kiero irm...di un pazo acia un lugar ekivokado...solo esperaz el dia q t encierren en thu ataud...pec a todo sigo solo....

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