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Beheading in Mexico
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  • Nice new beheading. Transcript of what happend in the comments.
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mexican rules jajjjaja

The aim is to send a message. But how can you respect such people who could stoop to this level of barbarity? And can you really fear someone you can't respect as a human? I pity the guy getting killed, and I pity the ones doing the killing

where is the blood when he is cutting his arms??? FAKE!!!!

where is the blood when he is cutting his arms??? FAKE!!!!



These Dumb Asses! If Your going to behead somebody...Go from the back first! Go through the Spinal colum first! Duh!

Plus, as he is slicing, he is turning his head and pulling it back, that hurts.

Alright. First off, you guys need to know the difference between torture, and straight killing. This guy was going to die, thing is, this man suffered for the duration of his beheading.

The initial incision went right under the larynx, making it difficult for him to make any sound, and slicing the right jugular, which has so much blood flowing through, that it is now spilling in to his lungs.

Torture, he is drowning now, gasping for air. Notice how the executioner has the dagger around his neck, he is pressing the knife and slicing the softer flesh in his throat. The other guy helps to open up the left jugular.

Once you have reached the vertebrae, its pretty rough to get through the thick nerve going down the spine. That is where they have some difficulty. That is when most executioners will chop at that area. Usually some have really good knives, especially the kind from Pakistan, which are made for quick, clean cuts.

I don't know about you guys, but if i was the executioner, he did it right, you can tell he gets grossed out once he starts looking in the neck area.

When you are going to be tortured to death, there is no sweet, humane way to kill someone. You want to be as horrible and cold hearted as possible, to get your message across.

gosh, if i ever get beheaded, i hope the ones doing it know what they're doing when it comes to using a knife

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