Rapist beheaded in prison


nAt 6:30am on the morning of the 11th September the body of 45-year-old Alberto Pocaterra was found after he was killed in Maracaibo Venezuela at one of the local jails less than five hours after he was taken in. He was one of the top 10 most wanted men in the country accused of having raped at least 12 women in less than 15 days, just after he got out of Jail for the same crime where he spent 20 years after raping and killing two women in 1984.
nPocaterra was hunted down and caught in another state and brought back to Maracaibo where after his apprehension said: -I know I’ve done wrong and I accept being guilty for the first 6 charges of rape, but who ever tries to rape me in jail don’t know what they’ll be against- Not knowing that when he got in jail he was to be beaten, raped, stabbed and beheaded by at least 20 inmates. At Venezuelan jails there is a -Code of Honor- which states that if you -rape in the streets- and go to jail you’ll be raped several times by many men at the same time.
nThe first wounds he received were to his upper torso, his attempts at protecting himself apparently incensed the inmates into greater levels of violence. It is reported that some inmates proceeded to play football with Pocaterra’s head immediately following the decapitation.

Date: April 2, 2009