Sicko Cuts Off His Own Balls With a Pair Of Scissors

Now this is one of the most sick videos you going to watch in a while.

*see it as service of the house!

This video shows a guy cutting off his own balls with a pair of scissors. Why anyone would ever want to cut off his own balls is beyond us, but hey… it’s a free world we live in. Takes some balls to do it though, mind not the pun.

Shows how much of a strange world we live in, think about it for a second….. real people doing this.
The video above is merely a documentation of human observation, nothing more nothing less.
You don’t like this stuff? Don’t visit sites like this!
Just don’t judge others that do. (we have our reasons, might be more legitimate than thought.)

We are not on and about to post declarations or our opinions with each video/post we do.
It’s merely an HOWDY ALL! We are back! And just wanted to remind you all of what…
Talking about what? Well what? What what up the butt!
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Welcome back Ya’ll!

Date: May 11, 2017