Skinhead killed by Neo-Nazi

A young antifascist skinhead activist , Jan Kucera , has been brutally slain during a clash with a number of neo nazis in the small town of Pibram , just outside of Prague in the czech republic . Tensions between fascists and anti fascists have been high in that area since the successful mobilisation in November in which anti fascists and anarchists physically prevented neo nazis from staging a despicable rally in the centre of Pragues historic Jewish quarter to mark the anniversary of the nazis Kristalnacht pogrom against the jews of Germany during the 1930s .<br />n<br />nJan Kucera was stabbed last Friday after confronting a knife weilding fascist who had persued a group of his teenage freinds following a clash in a pub between young anti fascist skinheads and a group of fascists who had taunted them with nazi salutes and slogans ..<br />n<br />nThe attacker was an experienced martial artist with more then 10 years practise of musado, and stabbed Jan in the chest and back with a large military style knife , before fleeing the scene . Jan’s distraught friends managed to stop the enormous bleeding from his chest untill the ambulance arrived , but then tragically discovered he had been stabbed in the back as well. Jan lost a lot of blood and even though he fought bravely for his life, he lost this final battle on Sunday.