Teenage girl crashed upside down to death by a truck in Shenzhen


“This is not the rhythm of death to death? The driver is so innocent ah.” Driving on the north must play the spirit of twelve, all because pedestrians are more horrified than traffic! Monday (16) late, rainy days, Shenzhen Baoan terrorist car accident. Surnamed male driver driving along the 107 National Road northbound to Fuyong Ren Tian pedestrian bridge section, a girl wearing a red dress suddenly appeared in front of the car, was hit in the air after the spin, and then fall, taxi more than 10 meters after the spot death. This life-threatening traffic accident, after the two sides because of the issue of responsibility, causing Internet users dispute.

The film shows that the incident was under the drizzle, Hu male and Guangdong Y private car on the road, the car water to keep swinging, the road almost no other vehicles. Unexpectedly, when the car drove to the Ren Tin pedestrian bridge section, a long red woman wearing a red dress, suddenly appeared in front of the driver, she was back to the car in the lane to walk, he immediately brakes, but too late, the woman was Hit fly, first turn in the air after a lap landing, and then slide on the road more than 10 meters to stop. After the ambulance arrived, confirmed that the woman had died on the spot.

According to the Shenzhen traffic police notice, Hu male through alcohol test, the results show that the body of alcohol concentration of 0, and no drunk driving. At present, the accident is still under investigation. After the incident, the netizens have set off a war on the issue of responsibility, there are Internet users that the driver is right, “red women do in the motorway to go ah” is simply “suicide” behavior, coupled with the road was dark, the driver may not be able to see Traffic: “I did not see anyone on a quick crash! The driver was too wrong.” But some people have the opposite view, to support the red woman right, “the driver is not innocent, the line of sight when the driver is slow to slow down to ensure safety,” another netizen said the problem with the police on the road to install the camera lights , Affecting the driver line of sight; it suggested: “installed a driving recorder, or this driver can not tell.”

Support the driver’s netizens:

Big eyes: really … not fast hit I did not see someone … this driver is too wrong

Inch inch inch inch inch: the driver does not speed, then, no responsibility for it

Accompany me to carve time: Although she suffered unfortunate, but still pedestrian responsibility, the driver is responsible!

Uncle_ tiger three: morning, rainy day walk in the middle of the motorway, this is not the rhythm of death? The driver is so innocent ah.

Support red women’s Internet users:

Baiyun thief _ Ben: that is not innocent, poor line of sight when the driver is slow to slow down to ensure safety, the rain plus the front of the head when the headlamps also open so fast dry what? The driver’s responsibility is to escape.

Ling children: rainy day, evening, red skirt … … the whole ghost with the same … … This is the responsibility of pedestrians

Good people do not tears: this woman is riding an electric car back to Whitehead, her things fell off, she went back to pick up. Driver full responsibility!

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Date: October 19, 2017